Frequently Asked Questions

What does the photographer do with the images?

Once edited and sent to you, the images will stay in my drives.  Depending on the context of our shoot, sometimes I use 1-3 images on Instagram or my website.  

I do not sell access to my photography.  I do not share my  photography work behind a paywall.

Can I post my photos on sites like OnlyFans?

I welcome and encourage you to use your edits to earn money, book gigs, etc.  Seeing clients post or use our work makes me feel incredibly fulfilled.  

You will be sent a list of my links and credit information with the final images.  Please tag me where possible.

Can I have the RAW images?

No.  If we work together you chose me based on my creative skillset.  I do not offer options that include RAW files.

Is nudity required?

Never.  You decide where your comfort lies.  You decide the extent of skin shown at your session.  I am always ready to film your creative concepts.  You will never be pressured to be nude.

Can you/Will you use Photoshop to change something about my body?

No.  I pride myself on showing the best version of you I can capture.  Pimples, bruises, etc are lightly edited.  I will not "enhance" or change your person in any way.

Can I make prints/other items to physically sell?

Always. Yes.

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